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Saxophone and Piano

A brand new duo for saxophone and piano, exploring both the endless possibilities in an infinite amount of original works for this combination, as well as creating chamber music projects and collaborating with the most outstanding chamber musicians active today in the Melbourne Art Scene.
A Dream team Duo, instigated by Coady Green, one of Melbourne's finests pianists and chamber music enthusiasts. Georgina Lewis is well known for her endless enthusiasm and energy in all her projects. Georgina is a driving force behind Tempo Rubato, one of Melbourne's newest hot spots for chamber music. She is also well known for her countless collaborations over the years, with piano trios, violin soloists and so many others. Georgina is teaming up with Saxophonist Niels Bijl, an established European saxophonist who has traded in his versatile career in Europe for a brand new start in Australia. 

This duo will explore several intruiging programs: a program dedicated to Russian Music, with special focus on Dmitri Smirnov's gorgeous original repertoire for this combination. A collaboration with Angelic Violin Soloist Kyla Matsuura-Miller, exploring both European established works for piano, sax and violin as well as energetic contemporary works by Chiel Meyering and Bryn Harrison. 
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