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Duo Granger - Bijl

Harp and Saxophone

" A splendid visual focus on stage from the start. The instrumental combination is not one that immediately spring to mind as belonging together, but they shone in this piece, with the brightness of tone of the sax superbly balanced by the serenity and high plucked tones of the harp "

Saxophone and Harp, a gorgeous combination that can easily thrive in all possible genres. The versatility of all possible saxophones, blending together with an exquisite stringed instrument that is both capable of the gentlest of accompaniments as well as outstanding solo works with a variety of contemporary techniques.


It is almost a given that Niels Bijl and Emily Granger form an inspiring and engaging duo. Both artists have moved to Australia recently, to focus on being an active part in the versatile Australian music scene. Emily, one of the most promising harp soloist from the USA, is now one of Australia's most sought after harpists and chamber music collaborators. Niels Bijl has left behind a very  active career as a successful saxophonist and chamber music specialist to start a new life and career in Victoria. Their first ever collaboration at the Orange Chamber Music Festival was hailed as an enormous success, becoming the highlight of the opening gala concert. 

Niels Bijl and Emily Granger have put together an intriguing program called Night and Day. A selection of breathtaking new works for this combination, both embracing the solitude of night and the hope and energy of a summer morning. The program is completed with a number of fitting arrangements from the grand masters of French songs, Faure and Debussy, to accentuate the fluent lyrical quality of this brand new duo.

Have a listen, this recording of Faure's Nocturne was recorded during the 2020 Lockdown, when the two artists, confined to their studios in Sydney and Melbourne, managed to reach out and start their new collaboration!

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